The Juicy Naam Cleanse|With Coaching $150.00

The Juicy Naam Cleanse is designed to create a platform for health. We incorporate raw organic juices, gentle herbs and detoxifying treatments that will leave you rejuvenated from the inside out. You may choose to cleanse anywhere from 3 to 30 days depending on the results you seek. The Cleanse includes: A cleanse kit containing body brush, salt stones, and detox tea A one day supply of fresh vegetable juices & raw soups (4 per day) A copy of the e-book The Juicy Naam Cleanse which contains Instructions on how to pre-cleanse, details on the fast and important information for coming off the fast. An invitation to The Juicy Naam cleanse Facebook Group page for ongoing guidance and support This combination of juices, herbs, salts and healing treatments is the best ever and promises to deliver the ultimate cleanse experience. Naam Yoga is the fastest path to transformation and when combined with this cleansing protocol, just a few days will give you life changing results. $150 day is for our customized cleanse with 24/7 coaching before, during and after, providing focused guidance so that you can achieve new levels of health with every cleanse. Your cleanse will start with an in depth interview after you have completed and submitted your health evaluation.

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