Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones $25.00

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt contains 84 ionic minerals, trapped inside the crystal matrix structure and are small enough to be able to penetrate the human cells in a form that can be easily assimilated and metabolized by the body. When combined with good quality artesian or spring water, the concentrated salty solution, Sole (so-lay), can be used daily to help balance and restore many body functions.

Double-blind medical research with this brand of Himalayan salt has revealed that the salt and water caused significant changes in respiratory, circulatory, organ, connective tissue and nervous system functions. Patients also reported increases in quality of sleep, energy and concentration levels, brain activity, weight loss, enhanced consciousness and noticeable hair and nail growth.

Directions: Cover one salt stone in a glass of pure water and allow it to soak for 12 hours. Work up to 1-2 tablespoons each morning of the concentrated salt solution in a large drinking glass of water. When the stone disappears it is time to add another one; when the water evaporates please add more to cover the stone.

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