Planetary Influences

These planetary influences provide us with a road map for understanding our personalities, interactions with others, and the timing of events and relationships. We all have a particular vibration and relationship to the Universe which is ruled by planetary infuences, and understanding them can help us become aware of where we are going and how best to get there. For example, the day of the week on which you were born is your primary planet, which determines your major personality traits. The planets correspond to the days of the week...for example, if you were born on Sunday you are ruled by the Sun, and so forth. By knowing that Sun is your primary planet, you become aware of what your best and most challenging traits are, how to work with them, and what to look out for in your interactions. This is powerful information. Once you learn these Laws of Nature you will be able to use them to navigate more easily through life.

To learn more about all of your planetary influences and planetary periods, please refer to Lifting the Veil  or schedule a Naam Yoga Therapy Consultation.


The sun stands for spirituality, divinity, health and wealth. The sun gives you highly creative energy. This aspect gives you all the courage, confidence and self love it takes to be successful in your endeavors. The sun makes you ambitious, proud and generous. Sun people love to be the center of attention. You are outgoing and warm. Avoid being too self involved and domineering. Those born with the Sun often leave their mark on the world.

Positive: Warm, loving and generous.
Challenges: Dominating, impractical and irresponsible.  


The Moon rules the realm of imagination, dreams and family life. It is the planet of imagination and subconscious. It makes you very emotional. In other words, you feel your way through life. You often fluctuate, thus making decisions difficult. You are dreamy and benefit psychologically from being around water. People born under the vibration of the moon can amass great wealth, but they have a hard time holding on to it because they like to spend and give. It is very important to develop a healthy sense of giving, and be aware of over-identification and over-attachments.

Positive: Intuitive, compassionate and cooperative
Challenges: Secretive, self centered, procrastinating


Mars rules physical energy, war and initiative. Mars represents ambition, energy, courage and transformation. It gives you great strength of individuality and independence. The vibration produces a person who is action oriented and who has an abundance of energy. Mars people can be outspoken and indicative in their behavior, which can create distressing conditions in domestic life. It can make one abrupt and possibly reckless. A person with Mars cannot get away with impulsive, irresponsible behavior because they learn the hard way. Therefore it is best to think before acting, rather than acting or speaking on impulse. There is a tendency for quick emotional flare-ups which usually dissipate as quickly as they arise. The greatest challenge is to relax.

Positive: Energetic, loyal and magnetic
Challenges: Aggressive, quarrelsome, and vindictive


Mercury rules communication, health and the mind. It also stands for perception and intellect. It will give you an incredibly active logical and analytical mind and a canny ability to see the humor and absurd side of situations. Mercury will also give you a quick mind and a special way with words. You can excel in all forms of communication, and will do well dealing with information. It is very important to avoid worrying and to learn to relax.

Positive: Adaptable, Eloquent, and Intelligent
Challenges: Dishonest, Changeable, and Superficial.  


Jupiter rules material and spiritual richness. It is the lord of abundance. Jupiter is in charge of health, fortune, success, prosperity and happiness. It is known as The Lord of the Lords- the greatest of all planets. It rules expansion, travel, justice, religion, higher values, and morality. Your fair and diplomatic ways are attributed to Jupiter. Spirituality will stimulate your interest. You will benefit from anything that is expansive, especially travel. Your warmth and generosity will open doors for you. You need to maintain moderation when it comes to food.

Positive: Straightforward, Sociable and Optimistic
Challenges: Intelligent, Bossy, and Temperamental  


Venus rules harmony, beauty, romance and sexual pleasures. It rules art, music, dance, theatre, beauty, luxury and fashion. Venus will give you an appreciation for art and aesthetics. You are concerned with luxury, sensuality and social affairs. Venus can make you very romantic and often a bit indulgent. You may like to decorate, design and beautify yourself and your surroundings. Venus gives you refinement and a sense of style. It can make you graceful and sociable. You should avoid being vain, promiscuous, unfaithful, inconstant or overly materialistic. Many of your challenges in life will come through relationships with the opposite sex.

Positive: Gentle, Graceful and Sociable
Challenges: Promiscuous, Vain and Vacillating  


Saturn, the Lord of Karma, stands for balance, order, reason, stability and knowledge. Saturn is also the planet of discipline, rules, laws, limitations and obstacles. Saturn’s energy is contractive. It is related to organization, structure, responsibility, ambition and perseverance. It will give you an organizing mind and make you a master of structure and form. It requires caution, restraint, focus and concentration. You are strengthened by challenge and  persistence. Avoid being melancholy or overly authoritative; learn to laugh and lighten up. You may experience delays, restriction, struggle, anxiety and fears that are unnecessary.  Most great teachers are born under Saturn. A person   with Saturn can not get away with frivolous, irresponsible behavior because Saturn people pay for their actions and learn the hard way. Therefore it is important to lead a clean life.

Positive: Good morality, trustworthy and stable
Challenges: Fearful, withdrawn and melancholic