The Juice Bar

The Juicy Naam offers the best organic juices, smoothies, superfoods, raw food snacks and prepared food, all made with the freshest organic ingredients and huge doses of love. We also carry the best lines of skin and body care, cutting edge supplements and highest vibration ingredients for your kitchens at home.Our selection of products is unique and constantly changing as new and better ingredients become available.  You can be sure that if it's for sale in the store, it is in Giuliana's personal stockpile!

The Juicy Naam is open daily for juices, smoothies, food, and catering and we are available for appointments for cleanses, yoga, harmonyum and other treatments.

Our Sag Harbor store is open year round, and you can pre order juices, food, snacks and products for pick up at the ECCO Farm Stand operated by the Food Pantry Farm, at 55 Long Lane East Hampton. While you are there enjoy their wonderful selection of organic produce.

Our Mission

Naam is the Sacred basis of the Universe and the Mother of Light. It is the healing potential and the life force, present as vibration in sound that pulses through all living beings. To facilitate deep healing and rejuvenation, it is essential to nourish our bodies with this life force.

We prepare our juices and food from the purest organic ingredients available, raw whenever possible, so that they are full of healing enzymes. These enzymes aid the transformation of your cells and rejuvenate your body. Healing chants fill our juices and food with vibrations that have a deep effect on the molecular structure, making them even more nourishing to body as well as spirit.

By enjoying our Naam Juices and Healing Foods, especially consistently over a period of time, you will experience a sense of renewal, and a feeling of Love and Peace in your heart, so that you may carry this healing with you throughout your day, to share with everyone in your life.

That is the story within The Juicy Naam

Love, Peace and Light,

sag harbor

Sag Harbor

  • 51 Division Street
    Sag Harbor NY 11963

    Our Sag Harbor store is open year round, and you can also pre order juices, food, snacks and products for delivery by setting up a house account.

    Open 8am to 6pm Daily

    Phone: 631-725-3030

Delivery Available

  • Phone: (917) 379-6306

special orders

  • You can now also get all of your favorite Juicy Naam juices, customized cleanses and favorite products delivered by special order in NYC and Los Angeles.

    New York City by Special Order
    Phone: (917) 379-6306

    Los Angeles by Special Order
    Phone: (917) 379-6306