Sacred Music
"There is no power on this planet greater than the Word. It is in fact by the power of the Word, in the Word, and through the Word that all things seen and unseen, have been created. Sound keeps the universe in balanc. Without it, the whole Universe would fall apart and disappear. There is nothing beyond it, there was nothing beyond it, and there shall be nothing beyond it. Through listening or chantintg mantra, you can move from darkness to light, from negativity to positivity, from duality to divinity. Mantra is the healing love that flows from heaven and a divine shield that protects us. It is only by mastering mantra or the holy naam, that we move from the gross to the subtle, and from the subtle to the infinite. Mantran Siddhim Pareshram. By perfection of the mantram, God will serve one perfectly." Joseph Michael Levry (Gurunam)