How it all started…

GiulianaAs the creator of The Juicy Naam, I often get asked how I got into the juice bar business. Most people are not expecting the unconventional story of Wall Street to juice, but if you look around, many people are leaving their professions to follow their heart.  After many years on Wall Street advising wealthy families on how to manage their money, I was burned out, stressed out and living a generally unbalanced life. What started as a quest to regain health and balance turned into an obsession with all things healthy.  I started travelling to retreat centers to fast for days at a time on juice, and each time gained tremendous downloads of knowledge and clarity about how there was more to life than what we see on the material plane. Over the years I amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge, material, recipes and experience that I stashed away and called upon when I needed it. It came to a point where I had an overwhelming desire to share this miracle called juicing with as many people as possible but had no clue how. Start advising my Wall Street clients on their lifestyle choices and how to be healthier?  Well, I was kind of already doing that, but it had its limits.

And then I met Gurunam. I had been practicing many forms of yoga for over 12 years and had always turned to Kundalini yoga when I needed extra clarity on something, or to move through a specific block. I had heard about Gurunam and Naam yoga, which is a combination of Kundalini and Kabbalah and I was immediately drawn to it. My first class with Gurunam was such a heart opening experience and opened my eyes to the vast sea of knowledge that we call Divine Spiritual Wisdom.  Within two months I was enrolled in the Naam Yoga Teacher Training.  By the end of the training, the entire master plan for the juice bar was downloaded to me and my entire life had changed. All the blocks simply disappeared as the Universe made certain that it happen fast and effortlessly. Don’t get me wrong, it was a tremendous amount of work…but one thing flowed after another and the juice bar was born.

The Juicy Naam… 
The Juicy NaamWhat started out as a hobby, turned into to a full on business with two locations and a loyal following for which I am very grateful. When I first took over the little East Hampton farm stand in 2007, I knew nothing about ordering produce but I did know how to trade stocks, and how to shop.  I also have impeccable taste and know great food.  I was committed to maintaining the farm stand aspect of the business because it had been in the neighborhood for so long. In fact, when we opened the first season, a man named Gus appeared one morning and said, I’m the guy who opens the doors in the morning and puts all the vegetables out, been doing it for 20 years and I’m ready to work. Who says angels don’t exist.

Anyway, I digress. So I met the farmers, learned about the harvest season and did my best to supply the freshest local and organic produce because that is what I wanted to be eating. I began testing every single product and determining if it was up to my standards for personal use (which are ridiculously high)…if it was, it went on the shelf. I created spreadsheets and flow charts (thank God for my MBA in Finance) and created all the recipes using the best ingredients possible because that is how I make them at home. We had juices, smoothies, prepared food, amazing local produce, the best products, yoga, massage…it was almost perfect but there was something missing to tie it all together.

The Cleanse…
It became obvious when I opened the juice bar that people were starving for information on how to improve their health. I spent many long days in the store talking to so many people that by the end of the day I literally could not speak.  I found myself repeating the same things over and over again and prescribing juicing plans for clients who wanted to create a little retreat for themselves while they had some free time at the beach.  So I decided to put it all down on paper. The Juicy Naam Cleanse was born, and clients who sign up for our program get the whole history, philosophy and mechanics of how to cleanse, as well as my hand holding throughout the process.The Cleanse The Juicy Naam Cleanse is a compilation of best practices from all of the cleanses that I have personally done, studied and observed. I have done countless cleanses over the years at retreat centers and studied one on one with experts in the field, picking their brain on what works best, what is safe, and how to make the process as pleasant as possible. I love to be pampered and do not believe in suffering, so I make sure that the cleanse experience is nurturing and luxurious.

More about me...
The next most popular question I get asked is “am I raw?”  I have been 100% raw, I respect the health benefits and have experienced first hand the difference this type of diet can make in improving health. It certainly is easier to stay raw coming off a juice fast and I try and do that several times a year. If I were living in Hawaii year round and had access to juicy papaya and durian, I would probably live on that! But the fact is, I just don’t want to eat thoseGiuliana things in the dead of winter in New York and I also love to eat as local and close to the land as possible.  I have also learned over time that Ayurvedically, my body  craves heat and does better on certain foods.   And, I love eating in fancy French restaurants and enjoy a great glass of wine.  So for me, it’s all about balance and over the years I have learned how to eat the healthiest foods possible.  I do however, insist on eating foods of the highest organic quality and maintain that standard everywhere I go.  When I go out to eat I bring my own Himalayan salt and spelt crackers, and if I am travelling I make sure to bring enough superfoods to get me through the trip.  It’s a balanced approach that allows for a busy social life and for enjoying all the different amazing foods we have on this planet.



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