Getting Started
Step 1

Fill out and email us your Confidential Health History

Whether this is your first time cleansing or whether you consider yourself a pro, the first step is always to fill out the Comprehensive Health Evalution because things change and you may be in patterns that you do not recognize that are adversely affecting your health.

Confidential Health History Form

Step 2

Schedule a time for your Consultation

Once we receive your Health History we will set up a time to chat. Please allow at least 30 minutes so we can go through everything thoroughly and choose the best program for you. In more complicated cases we may need closer to an hour. We will cover the information you provided in detail, review your intentions and expectations for this cleanse, and select the most appropriate start date. In most cases, a Pre-Cleanse will be prescribed because we want to make sure that your cleanse is as safe and effective as possible for you. In some cases, it may not be appropriate for you to start a cleanse, and we will discuss safer alternatives.

Step 3

Select Your Start Date and Prepare

Once you have your pre-cleanse instructions and start date, it's time to make some arrangements.

  • Let your friends and family know what you are doing so that they can best support you
  • Try and minimize your workload during your cleanse, or better yet, try and take a few days for yourself
  • Schedule any treatments you would like to have during your cleanse
  • Decide what else you might want to detox from other than food and alcohol...for example TV? Crackberry? Shopping?
  • Get your inspirational reading material ready...check out our list of recommended reading for ideas.
  • Set your Intention and create your Mantra. We are happy to help you start a meditation program to facilitate that.

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